What Is Contract Access Fee

Pon added that the CAF reduction is intended to remove a barrier to HCaTS contract costs, which will help agencies access GSA`s acquisition expertise, OPM`s human capital experience and industry partners. SeaPort-NxG is the Navy`s electronic platform for the acquisition of support services in 23 functional areas, including engineering, financial management and program management. Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVWAR, NAVFAC and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Military Sealift Command (MSC) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) compete with their service requirements under more than 1800 multiple SeaPort-NxG Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts. 8-koi tracked and strategically captured the positioning of prime contractors and subcontractors in a broad portfolio of contract vehicles, including government-wide acquisition contracts (GWOCs), indeterminate/indeterminate delivery contracts (IDIQ) and multiple allocation schedule (MAS) contracts. These contracts vary in size, scope and complexity, and each brings its own value-added benefits to our clients. “HCaTS contracts were envisioned to help agencies address complex human resource management challenges, including agency restructuring and transformation,” said Jeff Pon, OPM Director. OASIS and OASIS Small Business (SB) are a family of 7 separate government-wide, indefinite delivery (IDIQ) contracts that provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. The NCAF is invoiced on the basis of the amount committed on the financing document, regardless of the type of contract awarded. The NCAF will be charged on the 1st invoice after receipt of proof of funding.

Therefore, NCAF CANNOT be charged incrementally. Customers should contact NITAAC customer service if they have any questions. Simply put, SeaPort-NxG provides an effective and efficient way to contract professional support services and improve small business participation. The Navy is incremental admissions to give new industry partners the opportunity to participate. As a 8(a) certified women-led small business with multiple contracts that offers flexibility and support to our clients in achieving their small, minority and disadvantaged business contractual goals. Our contract vehicles are listed in the following tabs. The General Service Administration and the Office of Personnel Management and Support have reduced the cost of accessing Human Capital and Training Solutions contracts by at least 60 per cent. Key disciplines/areas of contract application include: 8(a) STARS III, an SME-only GWAC, offers flexible access to tailored IT solutions from a large and diverse pool of 8(a) industrial partners. This next-generation GWAC builds on the 8(a) STARS II framework and expands capabilities for new technologies and outside of continental United States requirements (OCONUS). Refer to the NIH contract access fee and fee remittance in your contract. . Federal organizations can purchase tailored support in human resources strategy, organizational performance improvement, and training and development services under the HTaTS program.

HCaTS is part of GSA`s category management initiative and has been considered a best-in-class platform since fiscal year 2017. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy said in a statement Wednesday that the decision to reduce CAF from 2 percent to 0.75 percent was aimed at making the HCaTS program more competitive and adding value to client agencies through the government`s reform efforts. $100,000 + $3,229.01 = $103,229.01 total amount of CH`s first invoice (this applies to any financing document ch receives). CH Amount of the first invoice (after receipt of Mod 0001): $100,000. NCAF for Mod 0001: $3,229.01 (shown as a separate item on the CH invoice). CIO-SP3-Small Business – Example of a .55% rate (.0055):. . . .

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