When to Use Contractions in Writing

I also realized that I was reading everything as if I had to record it as a voiceover. For the voiceover, I find the contractions essential. There`s no way I`m going to say out loud, “Now, let`s look at what we`ve discussed.” People don`t talk like that. But I tried to mitigate my use of contractions in tacit training texts. But I must say that my preference remains there with contractions too. It flows better, sounds better, sounds more natural. But first, what are contractions? Is there a list of contractions? I found this refreshing post simple and deadly serious. Deciding whether or not to use written contractions is quite controversial. I have met many writers who vehemently oppose the inclusion of contractions in any composition, and I have personally struggled with this dilemma in my own writings. We make contractions with auxiliary verbs and also with being and having, if they are not auxiliary verbs.

When we perform a contraction, we usually put an apostrophe instead of a missing letter. We use contractions every day, usually without realizing it. What for? Because contractions are simple, easier to pronounce and are part of our colloquial language. I worry about the suggestion that contractions are sloppy. That`s because I rarely write a paragraph without one…

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